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On Line Solutions (OLS) provides AS/400 Software for Wholesalers/Distributors.
ince 1975, OLS has been the premier provider of operational, financial and communications (ERP) systems to Wholesale Druggists and Pharmaceutical Distributors as well as distributors of Sundries, Candy & Tobacco, Generic Pharmaceuticals, Medical/Surgical supplies, and Hardware.

is a complete, self-contained, plug-in communication and translation utility for the IBM AS/400. It receives batch transmissions from acoustic hand helds (Telxon, Symbol, MSI, etc.), PC's, POS, other receiving methods, and translates the data into a format that can be easily read into an AS/400 application program.

is a utility for the IBM AS/400 used by customer service and telemarketers to increase their productivity by scheduling their phone calls to customers and prospects. It allows notes about the customer or prospect as well as what has transpired on previous calls.